A mental model for dealing with emotional slumps

Imagine walking in a straight line through mountain country. You're always moving forward, but sometimes you climb a mountain and sometimes you descend into a valley.
It's still progress, but from the valley you can only see the walls of the mountain behind you and the one in front of you.
The one in the back is keeping you from seeing how much progress you've made. The one in front of you seems impossible to climb from where you are.
But valleys can be plentiful and fruitful and wonderful places to take a break, look around and appreciate the simplicity of not pushing anything anywhere for a little while.
Sometimes we need to take a break, even a long one, before climbing the next mountain. Sometimes we even need to grieve for what we've had, what we've lost and what we may never have to make space for what's coming next.
See you on the next peak!

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Eli Finer

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Eli Finer