Personal Productivity Valet (TBD)

Personal Productivity Valet (TBD)

for overwhelmed/overworked business owners and executives

Core system

  1. Productivity bootstrap
    1. We’ll start with a brain dump of everything that’s on your mind - business, home, financials, everything you need to do, that you’ve been putting off, that’s on your plate.
      I’ll record and transcribe the conversation, extract the projects, tasks, ideas and deadlines and write them them down into an easy to use, secure and stress relieving format.
      (This first 60 minute call is free of charge)
  1. Task and project management system
    1. We can use either digital task management tools (I’ll recommend you which ones to use based on your preferences) or a physical notebook (I’ll help you choose a beautiful project / task management notebook).
      I’ll pre-fill the notebook or software with everything we collected in our bootstrap call and organize it to fit your personal style (organized, messy or a mix) for maximum serendipity.
  1. Prioritization and decision-making system
    1. We’ll do a deep dive into your values, priorities, goals, plans and aspirations to build a comprehensive prioritization system that will help you make quick and accurate decisions about projects and tasks as well as communicate with your employees and peers.
      (We can also explore alternative prioritization methods according to interest / passion / current mindset and energy levels).
  1. Calendar and reminder system
    1. We’ll clean up your calendar, set up an automated meeting scheduler that will leave you time to breathe and keep only the most important meetings.
      We’ll set up time for self care, reflection, deep work and strategic thinking and review this system on a weekly basis to make sure it works as intended.
  1. Daily productivity habit
    1. Forming a structured of habit of getting things done can be a challenge. That’s why for the first week we’re going to have a daily 15 minute call to discuss how things are going and what we can adjust. The goal is to reduce stress and create flow and these daily calls will give us both insight into how you work best and how to structure your workday around your style.
  1. Periodic reviews / ongoing improvement
    1. We’ll do a 1-hour call every week and a 2-hour call every month to go over the system and your habits, adjust things to reduce stress and increase effectiveness and performance.

Included bonuses

  1. Daily stress relief (bonus)
    1. We’ll start every daily session with a relaxation technique I designed specifically for high velocity business people. It takes three minutes. I’ll guide you through it the first few times and then you’ll be able to do it yourself using a specially designed app called Wuju For Business.
  1. Fool proof delegation system (bonus)
    1. I’ll help you craft a technique for delegating high priority tasks so that they are done better than you could have done yourself. We’ll work through mindset adjustments, trust building with your employees and effective but gentle methods of command and control based on my years of military service.

Optional Add-ons

  1. Documentation system
    1. Starting from our bootstrap conversation I’ll collect all the documentation you have about your business and create a system for you to store and access everything - financial details, contracts, contacts, etc.
      We’ll use software or a paper-based method depending on your preferences.
  1. Relationship / conflict resolution training / support
    1. You’ll start with a series of private lessons on conflict resolution and relationship management with my wife Yael Finer, a conflict resolution and relationship coach. You’ll then have on-demand preparation calls before each difficult conversation or presentation and on-demand email support to quickly de-escalate conflicts that develop over emails or text messages.


Before we start, I’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and optionally undergo a security screening. We’ll be diving into all aspects of your business and it will go smoother if you feel comfortable sharing everything with me.


Due to the significant time requirements of this service, I only take on one (1) new client per month.

Pricing (TBD)

60 minute bootstrap call - free of charge
Core system for 3 months - regular price $30,000; launch price USD $10,000
Follow-up weekly + monthly check-ins - USD $2500 / month

About me

My name is Eli Finer. I’ve been a software developer, manager and entrepreneur for 25 years and a life and business coach for the last 12.
I’m active on Twitter at @finereli and on Reddit as u/zoozla where I teach soft discipline, productivity and habit building techniques.
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