Become a Kind & Fearless Leader

A 60-day coaching intensive that will transform you into a powerful leader (by adding compassion, empathy and listening skills to your clear, focused and driven style)


You have perfect clarity. You know what needs to be done. You are focused on the vision and the mission. And yet your executive team hesitates. They are filled with worry and doubt. They are hedging their bets.

You don’t need to push harder. You just need to find a way to their hearts.

What will you learn?

How to listen to
  • how they say it
  • why they say it
  • how they feel saying it
  • what they aren't saying
  • why aren’t they saying it
  • what they say
How to help your team
  • feel seen and understood
  • speak their mind clearly and directly
  • make difficult decisions
  • take appropriate risks
  • empower their own teams
  • push beyond their comfort zone
And why you should always
  • empower, protect, nourish and forgive them
  • take full responsibility for their failures (to help them learn)
  • give full credit for their successes (to help them grow)

How will this transform your organization?

  1. You will see faster progress, better results, and quicker pivots when needed.
  1. There will be more initiative, more ownership and more courageous action.
  1. There will be an increased sense of mutual trust, respect and even admiration.
  1. You will be able to focus on strategy and trust the tactics to be taken care of.
  1. Your team will become more cohesive and resilient to face the challenges ahead.

What will we do together?

Set personal leadership goals

We’ll start by understanding what kind of leader you want to be and defining a set of criteria by which you’ll measure yourself. We’ll also ask your team to assess you on the same set of criteria.
  • achieve clarity on where you are and where you are going
  • know how far away you are from your goals
  • see the progress you’ve made
  • know when you are done
We will continue working together until you’ve reached your goals.

Collect feedback from your team

We'll spend 30-60 minutes interviewing your each member of your team. We'll collect their praise and criticism and translate it into actionable changes we can help you make.
  • they'll feel you're open and listening (even if you can’t do it yourself yet)
  • you'll foster a culture of personal responsibility and growth
  • the deep feedback will allow you the maximum opportunity for improvement
  • you'll learn to listen to what they say, how they feel and also what they avoid saying

Weekly coaching sessions

We’ll meet every week to discuss challenges, victories, doubts and conflicts.
  • We’ll discuss situations where your leadership skills worked well and where they fell short.
  • We’ll track your progress towards your goals.
  • We’ll resolve specific situations you face with your team.
Most of all it’s going to be a space for you to pause, reflect, discuss and process whatever is going on.

Daily written reflection

Writing is the best way to make speedy progress. We’ll send you an email (or a Twitter DM if you prefer) with some questions for reflection every day. We’ll respond with observations, suggestions and deeper analysis.

Listening skills workshop

This 2-hour group workshop was developed in Israel to facilitate complex conflicts:
  • build trust and appreciation
  • foster cooperation and collaboration
  • transform the team’s ability to face uncertainty, doubt and conflict
  • remove friction and tension and move forward as one unit

Effective communication techniques

Either one-on-one or group sessions:
  • How to avoid emotional triggers yet speak honestly and directly You’ll learn how to recognize when you’ve been triggered and when you’ve accidentally triggered someone else and acquire specific techniques to diffuse both situations.
  • How to overcome biases and preconceptions in yourself and others You’ll learn how to notice biases, how to bring them up in a conversation and how to make sure they have a minimal impact on your decision making.



This program is planned for 8 weeks.
It can be extended up to 12 weeks with no additional cost.
We’ll complete the program once you reach your goals.


This program costs TBD.
It includes:
  • Live and written coaching sessions with you
  • Interviews with your team
  • Listening skills workshops
  • Live Effective Communication lessons
  • Between 8 and 12 weeks (depending on your progress)
It does not include:
  • Individual coaching sessions for your team members
  • Coaching sessions beyond 12 weeks
Payment schedule:
  • 20% non-refundable commitment fee when we begin
  • 80% remainder when you reach your leadership goals


Everything you and your team share with us will remain confidential.
We will sign an NDA and use encrypted communication and document storage as appropriate.