You keep promising your family you’ll make it up to them, but...

  • When was the last time you watched your son play football?
  • And how about your daughter's recital you missed because of a last minute call?
  • Not to mention that anniversary date you had all planned. Didn't happen, did it?
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CEO coaching to find true work-life balance

You've been running this business for over 10 years. You're tired. But you just can't get away.
Every time you try to take even half a day off some catastrophe pulls you back in. It's like the universe is conspiring against you.
Maybe after this next round of funding, or after you land that big contract...
  • You’ll have time to read a bedtime story.
  • Or taking your boys fishing on the weekend.
  • Or be able to leave your phone at home when you go out for dinner.
But nothing you tried has worked so far:
  • You tried delegating, but it came back to haunt you.
  • You tried hiring help, but it took a long time and backfired.
  • You tried various productivity hacks, but there's just too much work to do.

You can win your family (and yourself) back

And get your business to run smoother at the same time

  • Reconnect with your wife details TBD
  • Watch your kids grow up details TBD
  • Rediscover long lost hobbies details TBD
  • Work less details TBD
  • Achieve more details TBD
  • Sleep better at night details TBD
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The full 6-part Soft Discipline formula

  1. TBD
  1. TBD
  1. TBD
  1. TBD
  1. TBD
  1. TBD

Schedule your 30 min root cause analysis call

February 25% discount → $225 (regular price $300)

There’s one core reason why:
  • You can’t leave your business even for a few hours.
  • You can’t stop working at 4pm or 5pm and spend time with your kids.
  • You haven’t been able to connect with your wife in a long time.
We’ll find the the root cause during our brief call and you’ll have:
  • A clear understanding of where the problem is.
  • An approach on how to start fixing it.
  • The first actionable step you need to take and the way to take it.
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Schedule your 30-minute call today

I’m available mornings nights and weekends to fit into your tight schedule.

Hi, I'm Eli Finer

I spent 7 years in the military with a kind of rigid discipline that modern productivity gurus promote as the answer to all our problems.
But treating everything as a battle doesn't lead to a happy and sustainable life and doesn’t allow family to be a part of it.
That's why I came up with the Soft Discipline method.
It’s a way to balance the needs of your business and the desires of your family to build a fully balanced and sustainable life.
I’d love to help you do this.
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