Become a disciplined and productive adult in one focused month

You know that persistent voice in your head? The one that sounds like your mother or your father?
"It's time to grow up."
"You're not a kid anymore."
"You can't keep playing games and watching YouTube videos."
It's insistent, annoying, demanding.
And yet the stronger it gets the more you find yourself procrastinating, watching cat videos and playing games instead of studying or working.
You really want to wake up early, exercise daily and lead a productive life, but day after day stay up late, wake up at noon, and miss one deadline after another.
You promise yourself you'll change time and again, but you can't stop yourself from sliding back into the same shame-filled cycle.

It's not your fault

Previous generations had two primary sources of motivation:
  1. They needed to do what they had to do just to survive.
  1. They lived in a highly structured sociey that didn't allow any deviation from accepted norms.
They didn't need self discipline. They just didn't have any other choice.
We live in different times.
The freedom we fought so hard for comes with a cost. We lost our external sources of motivation. Anything we do needs to be driven from within.
Self discipline is now paramount.
But how do you build it?

This gentle 30 day program will teach you how to always follow through on whatever you decide to do

I'm only offering this to people who completed my free 7-day habit building program.
This is a one-on-one program.
I'll be there with you EVERY DAY for a whole month.
You'll have my undivided attention.
I'll keep you accountable and help you work through lethargy, emotional slumps and sense of inadequacy.
I'll help you plan, commit and execute.
You'll learn to wake up early, exercise regularly, and work or study with focus and determination for as long as you need.
You'll leave behind your addictions, learn to rest and recharge effectively and tackle every day with vigor and positivity.
You'll finally take full ownership of your life.


The program costs $xxx US.
I only have 3 spots for November.
Let me know if you're interested.